What makes us tick

Based in Surrey, our creative skills brings a wealth of experience and resources to the table. Founded in 2004, we’re passionate about delivering exceptional design solutions for businesses of all sizes.

We embrace creative challenges and dedicate ourselves to crafting impactful design that resonates with both ourselves and our clients – there’s pride in our work.

Although a small outfit, we aim to deliver the best results for your projects and if we need extra skills to do this, we call on some incredible specialists and trusted experts for the job.

We love the diversity each project brings and work hard to supply a consistently effective creative service.

Keith Stokes – Owner & Creative

Our rooted values

Friendly and approachable

We enjoy building positive relationships with others.

Reliable and dependable

You can count on us to be there when you need us.

Hardworking and dedicated

We put our all into everything we do.

Passionate and enthusiastic

We have a strong drive and energy for the things we care about.


We pay close attention to the finer details and strive for excellence.

Thriving on challenges

We welcome opportunities to learn and grow through overcoming obstacles.

So why 'High Kite'?

While we don’t actually make kites, and we strive to keep our feet firmly on the ground, our name has a touch of whimsy! It all began with a scribbled note – a loose anagram of my own name, actually. ‘H Kite’ became High Kite, symbolising our passion for creativity that aims above, reaching for the heights like a cloud in the digital sky. It’s a unique name that has stuck, and most importantly, one that our clients recognise and trust.