If you’ve young children, then the growing collection of stories by BubbleBooks are a must read. The pages flow in rhyme, with each book sending a special message to enlighten children and adults alike – these books are designed to put a smile on your face! We gave the super-talented author Michelle Stokes a hand in creating some endearing characters and scenes for her launch books…

The foundation for a new creation, is to free your imagination.

BubbleBooks – Michelle Stokes

The first two BubbleBooks available:

Caterpillar and Chameleon Play Hide and Seek

Everyone is amazing in their own way. Go on an adventure with Caterpillar and Chameleon, as they find their way home, exploring and learning together as life long friends.

Pristine Polly Cleans up the Ocean

Work as a team, to keep our rivers, land and seas clean and pristine. Pristine Polly is a Pelican who discovers how polluted our seas are and gathers her friends in to clean up the ocean.